Terms & Conditions

  • All tickets and packages are non refundable regardless of circumstance. No credits can be issued.
  • The island is a strictly over 18 venue. It is a condition of entry that all patrons present a valid and acceptable form of a photo identification. and anyone uander 18 will be refused entry with no refund. Acceptable forms of ID are limited to the Australian Drivers’ License, Passports or RTA endorsed proof of age card. 
  • To purchase tickets for and attend Ambassador Events, you must have an active ambassador account OR have obtained an invite code from an active ambassador who will be in attendance.
  • To purchase tickets for and attend Promoter Events, you must obtain an invite code from the designated promoter. The Island is not responsible for the distribution of invite codes for Promoter Events. 
  • Open Events are open to the general public, and anyone can purchase tickets. No ambassador account or invite code required.
  • We reserve the right to refuse entry for any anti-social behaviour failure to comply with our door policy or potential responsible service of alcohol risks and will not be refunded.
  • Intoxicated and/or disorderly patrons will not be allowed entry to the vessel and will not be refunded.
  • Bar staff must refuse service to anyone showing signs of intoxication.
  • If a patron becomes intoxicated in the venue, the island is prohibited from allowing them to stay onboard. They shall be returned the wharf which they boarded from and directed to transportation from our staff.
  • Aggression or violence will not be tolerated at any time. Any patron who becomes aggressive will be asked to leave and their membership terminated. Any patron who becomes violent towards other patrons or staff will be referred to the police.
  • The Island Sydney maintains a ZERO TOLERANCE drug policy.
  • Smoking is restricted to “smoking areas only”
  • We want you to enjoy your time with us safely. Please drink responsibly and use caution when moving around the vessel. Reckless or dangerous behavior will not be tolerated.
  • We strive to be responsible members of the community and take our impact on residents seriously. Please be courteous when disembarking our transfer vessel and entering Double Bay.
  • We will try our best to accommodate table requests, however due to unforeseen circumstances no table location is guaranteed.
  • Artist Line-ups are subject to change without notice and no refunds will be given.
  • The Island is a fully licensed venue that permits no BYO food or alcohol.
  • No drinkable liquids are permitted (no water bottles)
  • Patrons choosing to bring valuables to the premises do so at their own risk
  • The Island reserves the right to refuse entry to any patron.
  • Events will continue in the case of rain, hail or shine (unless deemed unsafe by the captain – this 
  • will be assessed on the day of the event and guests will be notified)
  • Guests are advised to wear appropriate footwear and clothing while onboard. The Island is a floating platform which may become wet and moves around on the water. Please use handrails while using stairs and ask staff for assistance if required. Please use care and follow staff instructions while boarding any vessel.
  • Please follow safety directions from staff at any time. In case of emergency please don a lifejacket and follow directions from our highly trained staff.
  • The Island reserve the right to use any images or video taken onboard the venue for any purpose including but not restricted to; promotion, social media and third party advertising. Please inform the photographer if you would not like your photo taken.
  • Bookings of over 12 guests (per group) need to include equal male & female attendees to ensure a balanced ratio. 
  • All Promoters Parties are organised and executed by a third party and not an Island hosted event. The Island has no involvement in booking or promoting artists. If you have any concerns about a party please contact us and we can provide their details.
  • Your name/s will be added to the guest list for your chosen event. No physical tickets are issued.
  • Proper swimwear is required to access the pool, and guests acknowledge personal responsibility for their safety while in the water. Guests must adhere to safety protocols and respect venue regulations regarding prohibited items and behaviour.
  • Guests should be aware that Sydney Harbour is known for the presence of sharks and understand that the pool is barrier-only without netting. Guests use the pool area at their own risk.
  • The pool area is strictly closed between dusk and dawn.

Door Policy & Dress Code

  • Smart, casual dress is appropriate and heels are acceptable.
  • No loose singlets, flipflops, obvious designer brands or paraphernalia (e.g. sashes, dress ups or decorations of any type).
  • Bookings of over 12 guests (per group) need to include equal male & female attendees to ensure a balanced ratio. Strictly no bucks groups; we allow hens parties with a maximum of 20 guests.
  • Visible tattoos on the face, neck, or head are not allowed. Additionally, any tattoos that are offensive or associated with gangs are strictly prohibited.
  • Any patron may be required to undergo a bag check search when they enter and / or during the event. A person who refuses to undergo such a search, and / or bag check may be prohibited from entering from the event without being entitled to a refund of the admission fee, or such a visitor may be immediately removed from the event.
  • No gang associated behaviour, jewellery, accessories or clothing that displays or infers by form of word, colours, logo, symbol or otherwise.

Responsible Service of Alcohol Policy

We aim to provide all patrons with a safe, friendly and fun atmosphere.

We encourage those who choose to drink alcohol to do it responsibly.

Unfortunately, some people tend to over-indulge and can become unruly / disruptive in some scenarios. This type of behaviour is unacceptable as it may hinder the enjoyment and safety of others guests, resulting in serious consequences. As a licensed venue, we have a responsibility to help minimize this risk to individuals, our staff and to the community.

We support the Responsible Service of Alcohol policy by use of the following strategies:

  1. Develop food and beverage packages that encourage people to eat when drinking
  2. Serve drinks in standard or recognizable sizes
  3. Ensure that drinking water is freely available at all times and encouraged by staff
  4. Request proof of age
  5. Training of staff in responsible service requirements and how to refuse service
  6. patrons that maybe approaching intoxication
  7. Price low alcohol and soft drinks attractively to encourage their purchase
  8. Discourage rapid or excessive consumption of alcohol
  9. Deny entry or service to anyone who is intoxicated
  10. All necessary RSA signage will be visible to both patrons and bar staff